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Vertex Energy is an environmental service company focused on the collection and recycling of used motor oil.

14.00% Total Interest (gross)
$5,000,000 Total Availability

  • Total Loan Size: $20,000,000
  • Cash Interest Rate (net, annualized): 12.8% starting
  • Loan Priority: Senior (Split Lien)
  • Term Length: 3 years
  • Interest Frequency: Monthly
  • Loan Amortization: Partial, Monthly
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The Company is an environmental services company that collects, processes, and resells used motor oils and used oil-related products. In addition to its core business, the Company manages the transportation, storage, and delivery of its aggregated feedstock to end customers. The Company also manages the re-refining of the majority of its petroleum composites in order to process them into higher-value end products.

The Company struggled in 2015 and early 2016 with the downturn in oil prices, necessitating a transition of its business. However, after working with its customers, the Company has been able to transition its input costs to be more elastic and become EBITDA positive over the last two quarters. Please see below for more details.

CrowdOut is partnering with a well capitalized, sophisticated non-bank lender to finance the Company.

If you are interested in investing, we do require third party verification of accredited status. A letter can be completed by a lawyer, accountant, RIA or Broker Dealer. Here is a sample letter for your convenience.



    • Industry Leader: The Company’s is a vertically integrated used motor oil collector, processor and reseller, giving it a significant competitive advantage over less integrated competitors.
    • Committed, Experience Management Team: Management has tremendous experience, with the CEO and CFO having been with the Company since its inception, and the rest of the senior team having more than 20+ years of experience.
    • Significant Asset Coverage: The Company has a large and diverse asset base, including refineries, real estate, rolling stock and other equipment.



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